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LEADER:  A leader is someone in a position of trust who guides, directs, motivates, and inspires others to translate vision into action.  (ELA definition, December 2005)

MANAGER:  A manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and achieving organizational goals.  (Adapted from About.com definition, September 2006)

ENTERPRISE:  For EMDA purposes, this means the State of Wisconsin as an employer-organization, and all its agencies including the University of Wisconsin system.  

ACADEMY:  A learning environment of peers/colleagues who receive specialized training; for EMDA purposes, the specialized training is in the area of leadership.

SHARED SERVICES:  An organizational efficiency approach involving several units (e.g., departments, divisions) sharing common services, such as administrative, legal, technical, and/or financial support services. 


APPLIED PROJECT:  For EMDA purposes, this means a project defined by, and worked on collectively, by members of an assigned team or small group of EMDA participants.  The objective is to produce a final document or report which is presented at the end of the EMDA program.

CERTIFIED PUBLIC MANAGER (CPM):  The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program (WCPM) is a nationally-accredited certificate program for managers in federal, state and local government and in tribal and non-profit organizations. (CPM definition)


360° ASSESSMENT:  A form of assessment/evaluation in which an employee’s superiors, peers/co-workers, subordinates, and customers are afforded an opportunity to provide input about the person’s work performance.

ASPIRING MANAGER:  An individual who has made a personal career commitment to become a supervisor for the Wisconsin state government.


NEW MANAGER:  An individual who has supervisory experience less than 5 years, preferably in the public sector.


EXPERIENCED MANAGER: An individual who has 5 or more years of supervisory/management experience, with at least 2 of those years being with the public sector, and at the 81-03 pay range or higher.




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